When you are suffering from an unexpected condition or injury, or when you simply require general medical attention without waiting for an appointment, we are the provider you need. Our professional team of Podiatrists are equipped to handle a comprehensive range of urgent medical conditions, injuries, custom orthortics, and general services. 

You can be assured we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.


Whether you’re suffering from fungal nails, painful corns, or warts you can be sure the team at Everything Podiatry will take great care of your feet. General Podiatry includes all routine foot care, nail cutting, treatment of nail conditions including fungal, ingrown and nail surgery, as well as skin conditions including tinea, corns, callus, warts, cracked heels and sweaty feet.


As we age, the changes in our bodies are many and varied and can sometimes manifest into problems. At Everything Podiatry we treat the full spectrum of conditions including callus and corns, thickened or brittle nails, bunions, toe deformities (clawing, hammer, mallet), sensory loss, reduced joint mobility and muscle strength.


Everything Podiatry offers Dry Needling for acute and chronic conditions. This involves inserting very fine needles into muscles and tissues of the foot and leg. Minimal or no pain is felt with the insertion of the needle. Once in, a mild tingling may be felt. This is normal! It can be effective in the treatment of muscular pain, heel pain, arthritic pain, peripheral neuropathy, and many more conditions. It is a good adjunctive therapy but can also be used as an alternative for other therapies.


Orthoses (commonly known as orthotics) are in-shoe devices which help to realign the foot and improve functionality. They distribute the external forces placed on the feet evenly across the sole in order to protect areas of concern and prevent injury. At Everything Podiatry we offer both prefabricated and customised orthoses to accommodate your every need. The materials used can range from soft to hard depending on the requirements of the individual.


Unlike adults, children’s immature feet are soft and pliable and therefore more susceptible to deformity caused by abnormal pressures. Children are highly active and should not be constrained by pain. Your child should be seen by a podiatrist if suffering: pain (foot, ankle, knee, hip), abnormally shaped feet, if your child complains of tired feet or legs, or is struggling to keep up with other children.


Diabetes affects the foot in two ways, firstly by damaging the nerves and secondly by diminishing the blood supply to the feet. If untreated minor foot problems in a diabetic can lead to serious and disabling foot complications and even amputation. At Everything Podiatry regular diabetic foot care can include general treatment, diabetic education, ulcer dressings (if required). We will assess nerves, circulation and overall foot health to reduce the likelihood of complications. A report will always be sent to your doctor to keep them fully informed


Sport is a critical element in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but can be taxing on the body. This can lead to a variety of injuries including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tendinopathy, blisters and other musculo-skeletal problems. At Everything Podiatry we can address issues caused through sporting activities including training surface and footwear, as well as those underlying conditions including poor biomechanics and technique.


Biomechanics is the study of how your body moves and the external forces acting on your body. Poor biomechanics can manifest as joint and muscular pain, toe deformities and many other conditions. Early recognition of abnormal foot and lower limb biomechanics is imperative in preventing injury. Treatments include correcting leg length discrepancies, high arched and flat feet.


Achilles Tendinopathy




Corns/ calluses


Diabetic foot assessment


Diabetic ulcerations


Feet in Down syndrome


Feet in Multiple sclerosis


Feet in Rheumatoid arthritis


Feet in stroke patients


Forefoot pain: Neuroma, Capsulitis, Sesamoidits, Plantar Plate injury.


Fungal nails


Growing pains


Heel Pain (including plantar fasciitis)


Heel Pain In Children


Hip Pain


Ingrown toe nails including nail surgery


Knee Arthritis


Knee Pain


Limb Length Discrepancy


Overuse Injuries (sports injuries)


Plantar Warts


Shin Splints


Tailor’s Bunion


Thick/ hard nails




Toe Deformities